Apr 19

It’s a fall day
My love
If you could
Swing me a kiss
I’ll spin you around
On grass stained ground
Leaves dancing with feet

It’s a fall day
Take your heart out
Kick it around
Let it float up to the ozone and back down

It’s a fall day
Icy cheeks and dripping noses
Breath to vive
Entice the breeze, as it steals heat
Catch the white billows
With wide mouths
Only with a smile

Up to ft6
All the way to xyz
Let’s make some new letters
Across the sky
Lassoing stampedes of clouds

Stroll to forever
Beyond the singing oak
Hand in hand
Finger around finger
All wrapped up
Printing ovals on fleshy palms
With that cold autumn sweat

It’s a fall night
Helicopter under Hercules
With the dew soaked ground
Pressing the tips of toes
To that pleasantly electrified, never sinewy, always elating high

It’s a fall night
Full of rustling leaves
Crinkling with a creak of bark
Chitiny crickets chirp and cheer

Welcome winter
With a warm aorta
Hibernate forever
Across the sky
Riding the clouds, and ice skating the stars
Lit by the warmth of the sun

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