Nov 20

Blink in
Blink out
Hello, Goodbye
What’s my name
Sink into the void
Tangled wires confuse
There’s nothing to love
Everything’s been used

Pull me down, knock me out
I’ll be afraid, to seek it out
Freeze my jaw, lock my vision
We disconnect
I’ll sail away

Lightning strikes
It all goes black
I’ll forget your name
There’s nothing here
I’ll fall down, and chip a tooth
You can watch me limp
You can vainly soothe

Encased inside
Neurons fire and spindles crowd
I can’t move
I want to scream out loud
I want to hide

A body freezes
I wish I could control
A fire spreads
I’m afraid of sinking into quicksand
I can hear your voice
I imagine your touch
I’m sick of being stuck inside
Pass me by, push it aside

Take the bullet, let’s end it now
Bruise the ground, put me down

Blink on
I’ll fear to sleep
Blink off
The feelings gone

An electrical storm rages
Connections tear tendon lines
Rip out your mind
Flush it down
Bloody wings
Never fly

There’s nothing out here to see
I’ll slip into the sand
It’s temporary anyway
Hold out a hand
I think I missed it
I think I was away

I’ll see your face, in my dreams
A smile bright
We can laugh away the time
We’ll fly away
You can make me believe
It’ll never end
You can make me believe
The grey isn’t tweaked

Maybe you’re normal
Maybe I’m not
I bet you’d be an outstanding example
If the gun to your head was always cocked

On and off
Cut and scar
Where do I go?
Who am I?
I just want to touch life
I just want to destroy
Confusion slices deep
Fear’s a serrated knife
This body is fates to play
and mine to keep

Love, destruction
Spin the wheel
Indifference turns
Life shouldn’t be a fight
Tell me how it feels
In your rosy life

I imagined you inside
A thing of beauty
Out of place in ugly mind
Bodies deep
Resting arms to sleep
Quivering lines subside
It’ll all end eventually
I’ll kill myself
Before I ask for help
Show me your
Softer side
Press your lips
Against my walls
Make it burn
Kiss the concrete

Open my eyes
With crystal glass
We’ll go for a ride
Across the plane
Hold your breath
Make it last

We’re all gone eventually
I think I’ll plead
One more time
To see your face
Shine your light
Everything’s fine

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