Nov 21

Jeremy’s notes: The world seems so vapid, people tuning out and droning on. I tried talking to a wall and it offered a more insightful conversation. The negative possibilities we face are not in some dark future but in vapid narcissism and hypocrisy. We are becoming plastic fluff.

Yet I have felt the taste of cold iron, crusty from squeezed soul. I have felt the crunch and scrape of hardened ice. My bare feet on the delicate crystals. The fire of a thousand suns going nova within sinewy arteries. The call of mine own heart resting on a high perch.

The world will eat you alive but I will not be easily digestible fluff, fate messed with the wrong one.

Ask a man how he feels in pain grating at the soul. When the world is unresponsive. When avenues are a stack of IOUs. Fate thinks its tricky by pressing pain and trying to isolate life. Yet it feeds thou fire and fight, the part I play, the trail I blaze, path I create, capable by love, destiny more powerful than fate.

I feel livid, I feel lit, I feel lively and it feels fucking great.




I don’t have time, I’m writing to you from this state between deathly fear and ending it myself. I’m sorry if I don’t say the right things. I’m sorry if I don’t have tact. I’d like to watch the pretty girls walk by in their skirts too. I’d like to take the time to enjoy it. These things keep knocking me down though. All I have time for is surviving. All I can feel is this instinctive anger that’ll burn me through another frigid night.

I’m gonna die, you’re gonna die. This gravity will pull us all down. We’re putting everything into flying level with the horizon. It’ll keep pulling as we fight with ourselves. Finding the point within, the frozen expanse with the music twinkling, my heart blazing through the night. The heart can embrace it all. It’s all part of me, waiting for me to awaken on this forlorn frigid ground . I am my own hero playing the trumpet call of my destiny, I am my own fool standing up to the dark fates. A just fight in the face of unjust ends. Dismal words echo a tinge – “don’t trust anybody, sacrifice is for everybody”. Thou deeply, turn instead to inner horizon { let go to your within } ~ Effort for the better.

Yes effort through numbing pain and brutal volleys to your structure, to your skull. With mad gleam in your eyes and a fusion reaction in your heart.

Quiet and focus yourself now. You must let go of comfort concerns, hold on to your flow! Listen and mind your hearth. The battle is just beginning. Center within. Level out! Thread the needle. Walk the tightrope of disrupted fate.

Life’s big battle. We’re all going down
Flight and fleeting, the hand of fate will swat you
Its foot grinding you out of the scene
Johnson watch your six!
Trailing smoke clouds, another one hit
Into the mud. Clouds of dust
Don’t look up don’t look down, the enemy’s all around

The last ride’s left
All you’re left with is the devastation of destruction and death

Wonder what it’s like to be afraid
When the mechanics of your own brain have failed
A constant copilot of terror
“Don’t be happy, I’m always edging”

Run out into the cold wasteland
Leave the vultures behind
You turn your head to and fro
The darkness of your destiny still creeps forward
Into mind, off you go
No comforts or clothes
Stripped down to your core

Run barefoot across the cutting crystals
“I’m always there” it tells you
Claw along frozen ground
Cut and pale
No time to exhale
Forward by fear

There’s no one here to be trusted
There’s no where to be safe
Just lie down and accept your fate
Like a wounded animal running
Fate and destiny converse “Somebody must of broken the switch”

Night edging closer
Struggles of epic proportions beyond
Past your life and to your soul
Have you ever been pushed past mortal fears?
Has darkness ever crept on the doors?
To be consumed by the void
Anger and power beckoning their use
Destroy your enemies, destroy the fear
Hold on naive strength, feeble noble ways
As weakness and power mock you
“Give up!”
Why, you’d rather be crushed under fate’s boot
Fight on, as they all echo their laughter

States of adrenal shock are what we live
Don’t look behind, focus ahead
Collide with your fears head on
Go down in a blaze of glory or a gasping scream
It doesn’t matter to fate
Life is a battle and we’re all going down

you fight on


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