May 26

Progressively lost
Thirsted for order

Parched, lost
Perpetually hot
Yearned for soothing

We each strive to grow
To turn with the seasons
A new dawn, a new spring

Each in our own ways
With self mastery
Or faith
Or balance
Or stumbled luck

We all heal along the way
Or fall to shatter
Somewhere along the road
The sun hits us again
And the glass melts

We head to the same place
The same truth
Seen in countless ways
Varied our methods

We find our way through the dark
Through the trials
By something only described as fate, chance, grace

Light shines from creation in many ways
But each is headed in the same direction
In a different way
To the bed they’ve laid

Nov 21

Jeremy’s notes: The world seems so vapid, people tuning out and droning on. I tried talking to a wall and it offered a more insightful conversation. The negative possibilities we face are not in some dark future but in vapid narcissism and hypocrisy. We are becoming plastic fluff.

Yet I have felt the taste of cold iron, crusty from squeezed soul. I have felt the crunch and scrape of hardened ice. My bare feet on the delicate crystals. The fire of a thousand suns going nova within sinewy arteries. The call of mine own heart resting on a high perch.

The world will eat you alive but I will not be easily digestible fluff, fate messed with the wrong one.

Ask a man how he feels in pain grating at the soul. When the world is unresponsive. When avenues are a stack of IOUs. Fate thinks its tricky by pressing pain and trying to isolate life. Yet it feeds thou fire and fight, the part I play, the trail I blaze, path I create, capable by love, destiny more powerful than fate.

I feel livid, I feel lit, I feel lively and it feels fucking great.




I don’t have time, I’m writing to you from this state between deathly fear and ending it myself. I’m sorry if I don’t say the right things. I’m sorry if I don’t have tact. I’d like to watch the pretty girls walk by in their skirts too. I’d like to take the time to enjoy it. These things keep knocking me down though. All I have time for is surviving. All I can feel is this instinctive anger that’ll burn me through another frigid night.

I’m gonna die, you’re gonna die. This gravity will pull us all down. We’re putting everything into flying level with the horizon. It’ll keep pulling as we fight with ourselves. Finding the point within, the frozen expanse with the music twinkling, my heart blazing through the night. The heart can embrace it all. It’s all part of me, waiting for me to awaken on this forlorn frigid ground . I am my own hero playing the trumpet call of my destiny, I am my own fool standing up to the dark fates. A just fight in the face of unjust ends. Dismal words echo a tinge – “don’t trust anybody, sacrifice is for everybody”. Thou deeply, turn instead to inner horizon { let go to your within } ~ Effort for the better.

Yes effort through numbing pain and brutal volleys to your structure, to your skull. With mad gleam in your eyes and a fusion reaction in your heart.

Quiet and focus yourself now. You must let go of comfort concerns, hold on to your flow! Listen and mind your hearth. The battle is just beginning. Center within. Level out! Thread the needle. Walk the tightrope of disrupted fate.

Life’s big battle. We’re all going down
Flight and fleeting, the hand of fate will swat you
Its foot grinding you out of the scene
Johnson watch your six!
Trailing smoke clouds, another one hit
Into the mud. Clouds of dust
Don’t look up don’t look down, the enemy’s all around

The last ride’s left
All you’re left with is the devastation of destruction and death

Wonder what it’s like to be afraid
When the mechanics of your own brain have failed
A constant copilot of terror
“Don’t be happy, I’m always edging”

Run out into the cold wasteland
Leave the vultures behind
You turn your head to and fro
The darkness of your destiny still creeps forward
Into mind, off you go
No comforts or clothes
Stripped down to your core

Run barefoot across the cutting crystals
“I’m always there” it tells you
Claw along frozen ground
Cut and pale
No time to exhale
Forward by fear

There’s no one here to be trusted
There’s no where to be safe
Just lie down and accept your fate
Like a wounded animal running
Fate and destiny converse “Somebody must of broken the switch”

Night edging closer
Struggles of epic proportions beyond
Past your life and to your soul
Have you ever been pushed past mortal fears?
Has darkness ever crept on the doors?
To be consumed by the void
Anger and power beckoning their use
Destroy your enemies, destroy the fear
Hold on naive strength, feeble noble ways
As weakness and power mock you
“Give up!”
Why, you’d rather be crushed under fate’s boot
Fight on, as they all echo their laughter

States of adrenal shock are what we live
Don’t look behind, focus ahead
Collide with your fears head on
Go down in a blaze of glory or a gasping scream
It doesn’t matter to fate
Life is a battle and we’re all going down

you fight on


Nov 20

Blink in
Blink out
Hello, Goodbye
What’s my name
Sink into the void
Tangled wires confuse
There’s nothing to love
Everything’s been used

Pull me down, knock me out
I’ll be afraid, to seek it out
Freeze my jaw, lock my vision
We disconnect
I’ll sail away

Lightning strikes
It all goes black
I’ll forget your name
There’s nothing here
I’ll fall down, and chip a tooth
You can watch me limp
You can vainly soothe

Encased inside
Neurons fire and spindles crowd
I can’t move
I want to scream out loud
I want to hide

A body freezes
I wish I could control
A fire spreads
I’m afraid of sinking into quicksand
I can hear your voice
I imagine your touch
I’m sick of being stuck inside
Pass me by, push it aside

Take the bullet, let’s end it now
Bruise the ground, put me down

Blink on
I’ll fear to sleep
Blink off
The feelings gone

An electrical storm rages
Connections tear tendon lines
Rip out your mind
Flush it down
Bloody wings
Never fly

There’s nothing out here to see
I’ll slip into the sand
It’s temporary anyway
Hold out a hand
I think I missed it
I think I was away

I’ll see your face, in my dreams
A smile bright
We can laugh away the time
We’ll fly away
You can make me believe
It’ll never end
You can make me believe
The grey isn’t tweaked

Maybe you’re normal
Maybe I’m not
I bet you’d be an outstanding example
If the gun to your head was always cocked

On and off
Cut and scar
Where do I go?
Who am I?
I just want to touch life
I just want to destroy
Confusion slices deep
Fear’s a serrated knife
This body is fates to play
and mine to keep

Love, destruction
Spin the wheel
Indifference turns
Life shouldn’t be a fight
Tell me how it feels
In your rosy life

I imagined you inside
A thing of beauty
Out of place in ugly mind
Bodies deep
Resting arms to sleep
Quivering lines subside
It’ll all end eventually
I’ll kill myself
Before I ask for help
Show me your
Softer side
Press your lips
Against my walls
Make it burn
Kiss the concrete

Open my eyes
With crystal glass
We’ll go for a ride
Across the plane
Hold your breath
Make it last

We’re all gone eventually
I think I’ll plead
One more time
To see your face
Shine your light
Everything’s fine

Sep 18

Hearts Are Free

Out there hearts are free

Past the thickets and concrete

Over the deep blue sea

I’ll be seeing you

Out where hearts are free

Past our jungle
Past these claws
Won’t you reach out, past this chaotic sea
So dark
Before we sink

Out there our hearts are free
Dance with a star, forget where you are
Tiptoe on water and let the ocean mist take you away

Can your ears carry you far
Past these screaming weights
Past these demands, you never built
Where I fell, they took me away
Can you feel how

Out where hearts are free
Past this lake, it’s not far
Away your feet will take you
Into the starry night, on our dusted souls we
Trail into the sky

Past this pain gnawing on me
Past this anger all around me
Want to kick them in the arm, give them all their hate
In haste

Give me your childlike hopes
Take them in these hands
Carry you off like these rain drops
Tickling my cheek

Cry all your tears away, fall as you sweep
Off these feet into open air

Open your wide eyes
Open your heart and let a wind in, warm your soul
Over these pressures high
It’s not far, open your breath and dream
To another continent

Out there our hearts are free

Past these pains and bruises

Over the deep blue sea

I’ll be seeing you

Out where hearts are free

To another place
Cross this rainbow bridge

Greener grass ahead
Softer sand rolling by, gentle waves
Fields of joy and happiness
Sun warming my skin, I’ve never felt bluer skies
Tears run like joy, along these eyes
Love will well up inside, in this chest, in lungs

Walk on with delicate feet, leaves tickle these soles
Butterflies zoom around from fern to fern
A grasshopper jumps on these blades so fine
Look out as these flowers sink into mind

Say hi to old friends
Reach out and pick them up
Hold them tight
This place is where we can always run

Lovers will kiss on electric lips, so sweet
A warmer grasp
The wait is never long
Always felt them there, way deep, inside
Hold on and look up at the sky

I’ll see you there, all my hopes
Greet me as I cross
Pounce into my heart
On to these shoulders so frayed, there’s always a place
There’s always enough strength

I go to sleep at night
Hope in these dreams
She’ll sparkle her eyes and take my hand
To see you frolic on these fields
I’ll hold you near and smell a musk
Always feel safe
With you

Out where our hearts are free

I know you’ll remember, your love will carry me

On a feeling

Over the deep blue sea

I’ll be seeing you

Where hearts are free

Sep 15

8 Verses

Here comes Sly Sal
Sliding the slide of deprivation
A discourse to create a justification to segregation for you and me
Cut off from the world in a beard that is weird there’s no one around to give or hold his ear

and he’s looked at different

Here comes Meager Mantel
Cruising an boozing in the 4th layer of hell
Dreams and hopes held in the thirteenth between avenging demons and things that are mean
Between false friends and torment with no end

there’s no one around

Here comes the Chateau of Chantel
So much cold so much pain there’s nothing to gain from a world she folds in her chains
She uses a bold face in the face of old myths never changed with the strength she’s feigned
A black hole material girl with no soul inside hiding from her own tide

and she’s pretty on the outside

Here comes Louder Mell
A tub of lighting lard crashing into everything like a brash man in charge of nothing but an empty barge
There’s something weak inside he won’t perceive just roll up his sleeves and beat down the skinny for a seave
He’s a fat tub of looking for something to hit with thunder thighs and a fist full of fit

he cries himself to sleep every night

Here comes Naiv Nate
A tale of happy and joy constantly seeking to push the limits he looks at his body as a toy he abuses like nobody’s business
What’s he missing he’ll never know don’t try and tell him you will be ignored you square bore lets get high and push the sublime
Clueless the blind walking to a wall never knowing how lucky he is until it is too late to navigate out of his haze

and he can’t hear his own voice

Here comes Hidden Jen
No self esteem mixing with a killer body and arrogant sass nothing but fear inside but can shake a firm ass
She’ll suck your for a hit of confidence and affection never given off in her father’s ambience or inflections
She’s been beaten emotionally and physically seeking abuse and assholes to break her nose and grope her mind one more time

a flower is wilting

Here comes Nars Arlentic
A glass is always evaporating why should you care to dare to feel in a worthless world full of hate and heels
His fate is set a master of manipulation he can have it all but the meaning of anything befalls intentions he doesn’t have
Disconnected from you and me having felt the worst pain there’s nothing to gain go away

and the blocks are inside

Here comes a Artist
I know him well his is a long story to a distant shell of sadness and joy covered by outside indifference and ineptitude
His life never shows him any latitude he believes nobody cares connections are never there to channel the longitude of potential
It’s there inside blinding to the eye can’t you see through my stories he’ll say with a quiet voice as you walk away

and it’s getting lonely out in the cold you have to be bold not to be alone

Sep 15

A stutter forth, the desire expresses. There is a beauty and strength to that. The feel of the words.

Kitty on a shimmery horned silver unicorn to tour the land
A city of trees seeking rising sons
Coast far from the best sea
Iridescence locked by stalks of ears
Fences of pitchforks imposed
The road heating, ready to elate
Purring to break free

Out of a fluorescent box, from Ameowicana she sang
Of paws patting and aristocats playing musical inclination

A hundred questions to explore
An anvil crashed down and judged my palate for sonic strum
What could I say, alternating, classically I answered
Like a photograph in motion, independent to the crest of cat’s eye

Key and fundamentally to the foundation of your infatuation, flutter a rhythm
For a stranger defies definition
Hold on steady to the mass of inland beneath
Hold on to the 6 remaining because you only have nine

What is a cloth and jeans, vested but to cover the heart that breathes?
Guarded and covered by a forest of downy testosterone driven roots
O’ can you hear, can your ears perch upon mine
On a scintillated ‘Ovember morn’?

Called from the moonlit road, naked in heat,
The long loud meow
Where art thou?!

Whisper hot steamed breath gently of mountains and oceans wisping
Smokey in earliest dew, infra-suns rising
Little hairs tingling adversely to but the biggest golden canines

I found a shimmering gray
A coincidence, a mystery, or?
A heart ponders to yearn, for fluttered frills of yarn

Swooped in like a nighttime owl
Purrled in upon fingertips to press
Each one loved by tenderest lips

Cuddle a wildflower’s kiss, hold it close, and!
For a bated breath, held hot to core hearth, waiting!

Fathom a dream of four pillows and fluffy wraps
Past sunrise, a heart pumps
Shimmering and reflected,
To my fingers eight and open, don’t miss the thumbs
Thumbs crave affection too

Cray the nip, wild off the walls!
Piercing eyes burn through, taut and grasping
Hold on tight, clamped your vice and dug in tips

Flipped a spline, a sight softly
Stretched for the longest trees’ limbs
Undulated with a panorama to perceive
To plunder, this prisoner is all mine, delving
Anticipation waiting for each descent
Round the creeks
To quench in

Creaking each four’d leg
Faster pussy cat, faster!
Collapse each stake, sore sides asked for beside
Parched like paper soft, take in the underground springs!
Not once, not twice, thrice streams of three

Reverie takes a bicycle ride
To where dreams play

… and one yielding far wonders
Reach out to mine box thumping
Timid to reveal
Anything real
A fear of life’s claws tightly sealed off
Reach out iridescently
Like a feline strigine with feathers
Nyctea’s naughty caress
Snuggle a huddle closer
Firmed feline grip

Sprawl and tangle to a new dawn
Kiss a smile, there to see
To taste

Brush your forehead free of wayward sweat soaked strands, a peck upon glisten

Time will slow, and morn’ to day
Even mountains a centimeter seems quicker, quickened from gray to silver
A clock stopped, hands in unison
For a bated breath, held hot to hearth

Apr 19

It’s a fall day
My love
If you could
Swing me a kiss
I’ll spin you around
On grass stained ground
Leaves dancing with feet

It’s a fall day
Take your heart out
Kick it around
Let it float up to the ozone and back down

It’s a fall day
Icy cheeks and dripping noses
Breath to vive
Entice the breeze, as it steals heat
Catch the white billows
With wide mouths
Only with a smile

Up to ft6
All the way to xyz
Let’s make some new letters
Across the sky
Lassoing stampedes of clouds

Stroll to forever
Beyond the singing oak
Hand in hand
Finger around finger
All wrapped up
Printing ovals on fleshy palms
With that cold autumn sweat

It’s a fall night
Helicopter under Hercules
With the dew soaked ground
Pressing the tips of toes
To that pleasantly electrified, never sinewy, always elating high

It’s a fall night
Full of rustling leaves
Crinkling with a creak of bark
Chitiny crickets chirp and cheer

Welcome winter
With a warm aorta
Hibernate forever
Across the sky
Riding the clouds, and ice skating the stars
Lit by the warmth of the sun

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