Sep 15

8 Verses

Here comes Sly Sal
Sliding the slide of deprivation
A discourse to create a justification to segregation for you and me
Cut off from the world in a beard that is weird there’s no one around to give or hold his ear

and he’s looked at different

Here comes Meager Mantel
Cruising an boozing in the 4th layer of hell
Dreams and hopes held in the thirteenth between avenging demons and things that are mean
Between false friends and torment with no end

there’s no one around

Here comes the Chateau of Chantel
So much cold so much pain there’s nothing to gain from a world she folds in her chains
She uses a bold face in the face of old myths never changed with the strength she’s feigned
A black hole material girl with no soul inside hiding from her own tide

and she’s pretty on the outside

Here comes Louder Mell
A tub of lighting lard crashing into everything like a brash man in charge of nothing but an empty barge
There’s something weak inside he won’t perceive just roll up his sleeves and beat down the skinny for a seave
He’s a fat tub of looking for something to hit with thunder thighs and a fist full of fit

he cries himself to sleep every night

Here comes Naiv Nate
A tale of happy and joy constantly seeking to push the limits he looks at his body as a toy he abuses like nobody’s business
What’s he missing he’ll never know don’t try and tell him you will be ignored you square bore lets get high and push the sublime
Clueless the blind walking to a wall never knowing how lucky he is until it is too late to navigate out of his haze

and he can’t hear his own voice

Here comes Hidden Jen
No self esteem mixing with a killer body and arrogant sass nothing but fear inside but can shake a firm ass
She’ll suck your for a hit of confidence and affection never given off in her father’s ambience or inflections
She’s been beaten emotionally and physically seeking abuse and assholes to break her nose and grope her mind one more time

a flower is wilting

Here comes Nars Arlentic
A glass is always evaporating why should you care to dare to feel in a worthless world full of hate and heels
His fate is set a master of manipulation he can have it all but the meaning of anything befalls intentions he doesn’t have
Disconnected from you and me having felt the worst pain there’s nothing to gain go away

and the blocks are inside

Here comes a Artist
I know him well his is a long story to a distant shell of sadness and joy covered by outside indifference and ineptitude
His life never shows him any latitude he believes nobody cares connections are never there to channel the longitude of potential
It’s there inside blinding to the eye can’t you see through my stories he’ll say with a quiet voice as you walk away

and it’s getting lonely out in the cold you have to be bold not to be alone

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