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Let’s ask others first –

“I wonder if you actually talk in person as cryptic as you write??? HAHA, if you did, I doubt anyone would know what the blazes you’re saying. Unless they were a rare intelligent person. Huh, unlikely…. so goes the struggle.”

I’m Jeremy. I’m the pilot and captain of this ship, but you can call me the Master and Commander.

This is a free formed page. At some point, after I put more of my content on here, I may include a resume.

My credentials: the school of life.

Stop the stream of conscious. Is school of life still trendy? I used the concept before it was trendy. It’s long since trickled down to lazy thinkers and now it’s uncool. Little me has always stayed true to the concept of life as a classroom and the importance of a soul. I’m making it cool.

I am a survivor. I’d be punctual all the time if not for anxiety, so I’m extra punctual when I can be. I’ve learned to see the beauty through the bruises. I’ve fought hard to get to where I am today. I have fought through literal blockages to be able to think, to write, and be an able bodied human being. Sometimes I wonder how I fit in to the world because of my archaic beliefs. Dignity is the greatest prize we can give ourselves. The cards I was dealt in life come with living wisely. I don’t know if I’m supposed to fit in. I’ve already broken a few molds.

The soul contract that overrides all is deeper than a contract. It is: thrive. It only holds true if we don’t violate others’ right to thrive. This is just a blink. One must look where they’re going, where they’re from, and what they’re building their self to. Inner wealth or something less dignified.

One of the hardest parts of my journey has been accepting limitations. Me and life duked it out, then I integrated the discipline within and held it close. Center can be found in any storm with focus. I don’t let wounds or limitations define me. I define myself. I’m living. I’m in motion. Fight to better yourself. Grow and love. Be challenged.

About me:

I am iconoclastic, old souled, rough, sensitive, bold, introverted, quiet, and loud. I have a different set of eyes and stories you wouldn’t believe, but grace isn’t exclusive to convention. I do not believe in existentialism because so far every existential event I’ve encountered has been rooted in reality. Life is a process of strengthening the good and even these words are part of it.

I am a man, determined to go through life self authentically and become as strong as I possibly can. I hate being put into categories. Life is a process of discovering who I am and manifesting it. I’ve often asked who and what I am. I always come back to me. It’s substantial. It stands the test of time.

I am spiritual. Faith is something that no one can take away from us. If we believe in ours it will fill us. What people hold in their hearts and souls is what matters. What is my faith? That’s for me to know and for you to be concerned with your own.

I am a realist who believes in his dreams. I think ferrets are smarter than most people. I like looking up at the sky and feeling my place in perspective. I never really feel alone. Love is important, the deep kind. The white hot that can warm a heart on the coldest day and fill it on the bleakest. The kind that exists within whether we’re alone or surrounded by many people.

I am my own hero. Heroes are those who hit the ground hard and keep on, those with love in their hearts. Those who sacrifice their pettiness for a higher good, not somebody else for a narrow ideal. Those who survive, those who thrive, those who achieve.

If I could say something to those struggling in the dark: Fight!

I will tell you not the reasons that make existence livable, but to not forget what those reasons are and can be.

On my art:

Writing sets me free and I am self taught. I wrote my first screenplay when I was 20 and received high praise from professionals in the business. I’ve also written books of poetry, philosophy, and short stories. I’m always looking for the perfect word or picture that describes everything.

I’m a photographer, and sometimes I paint too. I’ve mastered the art of taking flattering pictures during casual conversation. The smiles and beauty are in everyday life.

I write like it’s a confidant. I write like nobody is looking. Being a writer has taught me that although I love words they are at the mercy of interpretation. What could possibly be said, what could be read, that is more than words? When you innerstand this you will understand the magic of writing.

Sometimes I go into the woods to explore a new path yet I also know where it’s going. Writing is like that. I know what I’m doing but I’m discovering the story and characters at the same time.

I believe the greatest and most selfless love is to give oneself to a path. This can be a literal romance such as with a lover. It can also be with a creation of literal art. You gotta love the art, can’t just rush in to the action and twists. You gotta build up slowly. Put the care in. Build it up to a crescendo. Then just when you think it’s over and you’re near exhaustion, that’s just the 2nd act. Now it’s time to dive in and go at it full throttle. No fluff, this is when it gets relentless. It’s time to take the roller coaster. We’re gonna be floating outside our heads after this is done. Most importantly you can’t toss it aside after you’re done. You gotta go back again and again and keep giving your stories love. Do you want something amazing to form? Amazing dedication makes it happen. A piece of true art will take nothing less. It will rock your mind if you put out into your outlet.

On life:

I’ve always known that we project what we are inside. I look at the world and it looks like an imperfect place, and I want to go off on some tirade about that, but then I look at myself and meaningful change starts within. It’s easier to love others when I’m happy with who I am.

The best way to be original is to not try to stand out.

I believe the strongest personal growth skill a human being can attain is the ability to get over their self.

I’m a strong person. I’m sensitive too. I wouldn’t of gotten far if I were not both.

I’d rather spend time enriching my mind than following contemporary trends.

The separation we feel from each other starts with the separation we feel in ourselves.

What and who I am is a gift. Sometimes things can be a downer, but if we stay true to who we are, life is a gift.

See the humanity in everyone. It tends to disarm potential enemies.

You gotta think for yourself. Be the quirkiest, strangest, person that ever walked the Earth. Don’t let outside sources capitalize on your fear and rob you of your happiness. The only risk that comes with thinking for yourself is you might learn and grow into a better person.

Everyone has an authentic self whether they have it already or create the possibility by choosing to look within.

I’ve learned most of what I’ve learned on my own. I always wished I had a mentor so I became my own mentor.

Given a choice between being jaded, or myself, I’d take the latter. It’s hard for anything good to reach us when we aren’t being ourselves. We learn by embracing possibilities. We learn by being the people we were before the wrenches were thrown into the works… that’s who we always are, today with more experience. Making us better able to take care of ourselves, better at using what we wield. Better at living.

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