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Reality meets Dream

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, heart afire and liquid flowing soul,

Waking between the lines half in a dream and half awake, where you notice things more lucidly; inspiration and subtle thought peer out. Logic doesn’t always make sense there. Where does the water’s surface meet the air? You might have to get close to the water to see that. You might have to focus your eyes with an intent squint and let go. Where do these things meet? If they were to meet would they fight over the divide between them? Would they dance something beautiful?

I am a writer, artist, student of the human condition and occasional master of my own, explorer of the inner-verse and universe, appreciate the Divine in all things.

This website hosts my writing and photography. These are my thoughts, passions and dreams. I have survived many things including near death experiences, and endured. I do what I love. I do what moves me.

Sometimes I write about me and sometimes about other things. Sometimes I spend time high up and always wear my thermal underwear because it’s cold in space. Sometimes I’m so deeply down to Earth I notice every nuance happening around me. The good, the bad, the craziness of this world.

Inspiration creates expressive exhalation. It’s all about expression through the blocks. Life won’t be stopped. I’ve learned to see the beauty in myself through the bruises.

I have many dreams, I’ve known so many. Maybe I’m searching for a relief on a high cliff with the waves crashing below. Maybe in a deep wildering woods with the Earth held close. Getting lost in the windy dunes, the churning seas, the thickets and leaves. Sometimes the only way to find any calm is in the middle of the storm.

Life has bright skies and singing pines, and it has cloudy days and hibernating times. It all plays a part. Every emotion and theme is like music, and have you found your symphony in the symphony?

The positivity we crave only comes when we face our depths and traverse our nights. Sometimes you need to face the darkness to get to the light. Within and shrouded where few dare to venture and tread. Daring to breathe, feel, and live as it is to face each moment in deepest intimacy deeply and unabashed. No shame and no fear in the step. Not for being a living breathing flawed perfect human being.

Those who come to (inner) know the deepest acceptance and embrace will truly fly.

Let your imperfections set you free. Kiss the scars and find the beauty in the craggy edges. Turn pain into flowers.

We’re all part of the process of transmuting and creating (pay attention to the night and day, the seasons and rain instead of complaining about the living membrane of weather-it is one of your many teachers), not merely here to fleece the beauty and waste it away crying vanity. We’re all direct participants dreaming and creating in our own existences.

If you awaken within. If you listen to your splinters.

Life awaits.


If you read something you like pass the word around. Inspiration is meant to be shared.

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